Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A retrospective realisation of sexism

A few years ago, I was bridesmaid at a friend's wedding. We picked our own dresses from a big wedding warehouse type place (seriously, *thousands* of dresses), the only rule was we had to all get the same colour (colours were very precise and had different number for different shades, so we all matched exactly).

Anyway, my friend and I both found dresses in our size, and had alterations made by the instore fittings people. Mine needed to be taken in a little, owing to the fact that I am, as we are by now all aware, ridiculously thin, but without asking me, the woman took it upon herself to sew giant fake foam breasts into the bust.

At the time I thought it odd, but didn't concern myself much more with it. Now, and call me slow on the uptake as well you may, I've just realised how fucking sexist it was! "Woman has small breasts, must want/need enhancement to be attractive"! Fuck off. It didn't make me more attractive anyway, from a certain angle I looked faintly like a blow-up doll.