Monday, 5 April 2010

Things I have learned since Friday

As requested by Gordon Brown......

1.) If I am home all day, I can easily get through 10+ cups of tea.

2.) I am incapable of getting through this amount of tea without spilling at least half if it down my thigh.

3.) I have a very high sugar tolerance - the amount of chocolate I have eaten should have sent me into a diabetic coma.

4.) I enjoy the film 13 Going On 30.

5.) I do not enjoy that new Specsavers advert - it makes me want hurt people. Specifically the people who made it.

6.) If I can't get a newspaper I get really, really agitated.

7.) I can complete an entire case on CSI for the Wii in an hour and a half.

8.) Patrick Kielty is much funnier than I thought he was.

9.) My body spray does not taste as good as it smells.

10.) Thinking of things you have learned since Friday is hard when you haven't left the house.

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