Monday, 10 May 2010

Good times for a change...

Just to give you a break from the perpetual bleakness of my posts (Is it my fault life is generally rubbish? No.) , I thought I'd bring you some good news. Well, good for me, not for you. I don't care about you, that's not how this blogging business works.

Anyway, I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats since my lost post detailing the ongoing saga of my casting for a job with the salon which is not to be named. You'll recall I wasn't chosen for the photographic section, which led to me questioning, again, whether my face is really that off-putting, but a question mark hung over my selection for the presentation day. Would I make the cut? Wouldn't I? (Haha, "make the cut" cos it's hair modelling job, innit?) I would!

Ok, so most VS girls aren't really models, so it's not so flattering in that sense, but hey, my nemesis, Agyness Deyn was spotted after a hair competition, so I remain optimistic about the exciting possibilities. And it is nice to be chosen regardless, considering how many jobs in a row I've been up for with them without having been picked, despite the fact that I am nominally a professional model. Also, for all my socialist values, I like money. I like it a lot. I think it's borne of my never having any. So £250 for a day's work? Yes please, Mr Hairdresser Sir. I miss the whole show crew too - maybe one more than others - it having been so long since I last did one for them, so should be a fun day. Was worried initially it would be depressing because the negative consequence of my sticking by the salon for three years when most flounce in and out after one cut is that every show brings in a fresh crop of near foetal newbies. And that can make me feel completely out of place but this time I've decided to view it as a positive - "I'm six years older than you and I still got picked - this means I'm better than you. Lets see if you're still here in three years, sweetheart." Boo-yah, like.

So all in all, good news, yes?

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